Tuesday 27 July 2021

Acupuncture and herbal medicine for infertility

 The patient 

Healthy female in her 20s has been trying naturally for 5 years without success. Her and her partner have a healthy diet, exercise regularly and all their fertility tests showed results within the normal range. Patient came for treatment to support her first round of funded IVF cycle. 

The treatment

A full diagnostic consultation revealed areas that needed to be strengthened through treatment. Dietary and lifestyle advice was given to improve health, help boost fertility and relieve impact of stress. It is very understandable for patients to want to start their IVF cycle as soon as possible after trying for a long time, however it is highly advisable to allow time to regulate menstrual cycle and improve body condition first for the best outcome. Patient took this on board and received ten weekly sessions of acupuncture alongside herbal medicine at the same time targeting different stages of her cycle. Overall improvement was felt on digestion, quality of sleep, energy and fertility signs. 

The outcome

Patient had a positive natural conception pregnancy test just days before her IVF cycle was about to start. 

There has been an increased number of young healthy females having to go through IVF cycle to get pregnant. Through closely monitored acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment alongside dietary and lifestyle changes, it is very possible to achieve natural pregnancy and to prepare the body for successful  assisted pregnancy. 

Basal Body Temperature chart showing a successful pregnancy