Friday 15 February 2019

Acupuncture for knee and hip pain

Acupuncture for knee pain: image source 

The patient

A retired PE teacher in her 80s who lead a very active life. She presented with bilateral knee pain that often woke her up at night. Patient also had poor circulation and often felt cold.

The treatment & outcome

Weekly acupuncture sessions were able to help eliminating knee pain. She was able to stop taking pain killers and sleep through undisturbed.


"During the previous four years I had an operation on lower back vertebrate and a hip replacement. Arthritis had set in and I was in considerable pain, taking eight paracetamols a day. The only other advice was exercise regularly. Since I had been a teacher of physical education  I am well aware of that. Ivy's approach was centred on the whole body and lifestyle, so that the time spent on dealing with poor circulation improved enormously and I now rarely take any painkillers.

I am pleased to vouch for the improvement of my energy level, clarity of thought and wellbeing in my 90th year, which gives me the opportunity to write this testimonial for a dedicated and hight professional lady. "