Tuesday 17 September 2019

Acupuncture for anxiety and panic attack

Mid aged IT professional presenting with anxiety and sever morning panic attacks for 2 weeks. He also experienced difficulty in breathing, palpitation, cramp in both calves, spontaneous sweating and tingling sensation in flexor aspect of fingers. His blood test results were normal. He was was signed off work due to the severe anxiety and panic attacks he was having. He was also considering postponing a mid haul holiday due to fear of having a panic attack during the four hour flight,

After 4 sessions of acupuncture (twice a week) and taking 2 weeks Chinese herbal medicine, his anxiety level and severity of panic attacks was greatly reduced and other additional symptoms had all cleared. Patient felt confident to travel and resumed travel plan.

Acupuncture for anxiety and panic attacks, image resource 

Acupuncture for cough

Female patient suffered from on and off cough for ten years. Recent flare up of a chesty cough lasted 2 weeks. She presented with restricted breathing and violent cough that would last 6 to 7 minutes. The cough would also wake her up at night and affect sleep. Patient had to sleep with propped pillows and was very tired.

After one session of acupuncture and taking one week of Chinese herbal medicine, the violent cough reduced to a infrequent light cough that would last seconds. Night time cough stopped completely allowing her to sleep through the night. Tightness in the chest was also improved. Patient continued to improve following further four sessions of acupuncture and reported her cough stopped completely on her sixth visit. She also noticed improvement on the digestion, leg cramp and energy.

Patient attended a follow up session 2 months later and remained symptom free.

Acupuncture for cough, image source