Monday 23 October 2017

Acupuncture for trigeminal neuralgia

Acupuncture for trigeminal neuralgia

The Patient

79 year old female patient presenting with severe level of pain on the left lower jaw. Patient could hardly speak during the consultation and had to talk frequent stops due to the pain. Patient was prescribed Gabapentin to help with pain relieve which had little effect. She could only eat liquid style foods such as yoghurt and had little appetite. 

The treatment

3 sessions of acupuncture was given within 9 days and patient was pain free on the third visit.

Ivy's comments

Trigeminal neuralgia often attacks suddenly and if treated straight away using acupuncture, a full recovery can be achieve within just a few sessions. Dietary advice is alway given to prevent future attack.

Acupuncture for trigeminal neuralgia, image source