Monday 16 November 2020

Lost sense of taste and smell (Long COVID)

Patient history 

Female patient received a positive COVID test and sought treatment after she completed her self isolation period. Main presenting symptoms were: 

- 60% reduction in sense of taste and smell; 
- Suppressed appetite; 
- Fatigue; 
- Husky voice; 
- Dry throat with thick phelgm. 


Weekly acupuncture sessions and a one week course of Chinese herbal medicine 

Treatment outcome 

Patient gradually improved in all aspects of initial symptoms at each visit, and reported normal taste and smell as well as return of appetite after the fifth acupuncture session. Patient's energy also returned to pre-COVID levels. Below are tongue pictures taken before and after treatment for post COVID symptoms showing how the body recovered after the successful treatment. Early administration of herbal medicine alongside acupuncture treatment is essential in facilitating a positive prognosis / outcome in clearing residual COVID symptoms. 

Monday 21 September 2020

Chinese herbal medicine for Urticaria (Hives)

 Chinese herbal medicine for Urticaria (Hives)

The patient

36 year old female presented with red and itchy patches of no fixed location on arms and legs. She was prescribed over the counter anti-histamine by her GP to take daily. Her period cycles was also getting shorter to 25 days. Sleep had been poor with nightmares. 

The treatment

Patient was prescribed Chinese herbal medicine weekly for 4 weeks along with dietary and lifestyle advice to follow.

The outcome

Redness and itchy skin gradually reduced and eventually stopped. Patient was advised to slowly phase out the use of anti-histamine until stopping it altogether when it was no longer required. Period was regulated back to her usual 28 days cycle and her sleep was also improved. 


Wednesday 24 June 2020

Acupuncture for contact dermatitis

Presenting case

Patient developed allergic reaction to the use of new eye cream. The skin under both eyes are red, swollen and small patches of broken skin with yellow discharge/crust. Patient also displayed mild hay fever symptoms. Patient was taking anti-histamine for the allergy and using emollient moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated. 


Daily acupuncture for a one week as well as changing dietary habits.


Skin gradually recovered to normal appearance. 

 Before After

Chinese Medicine for Suspected Corona Virus Symptom Support and Management

The patient

37 year old house wife with a history of digestive problems. 

Clinical presentation

Patient presented with a temperature of 38.1°C, dry itchy throat with a slight amount of unproductive phlegm, nausea, loose bowel, very frequent urination and a feeling of burning heat in chest and back.  Patient called 111 to report symptoms and was advised to self isolate at home. Patient took one recommended dose of Panadol which brought the temperature down to 37.3°C.


The patient took Chinese herbal formulas and used acupressure points to control and reduce symptoms whilst following diet advice set out by the practitioner. 

Patient experienced difficulty in breathing on day 4, additional formula was added to support the lung function and clear phlegm, and patient was advised on altering sleeping position to ease difficulty in breathing. Panting and breathing difficulty disappeared on the following day.


Fever was controlled, discomfort was reduced to tolerable level to support body's natural fight against the virus. Digestion, bowel movement and urination returned to normal function and frequency. Patient has since fully recovered without any respiratory symptoms.

There is no known treatment for Coronavirus. In China, Chinese medicine was and is still currently widely used in the initial stage of cases with mild symptoms and the recovery stage of severe cases. In patients presenting with mild symptoms, it supports the body's basic functions whilst the body builds up its immunity against the virus and prevents serious conditions developing. Several Chinese herbal formulas were recommended in the 7th edition for the trial version of National Clinical Treatment Protocol for the treatment of COVID-19

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Chinese medicine for suspected Coronavirus, COVID-19. Image link

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6
Temperature37.338.1°C 37.337.7°C 37.0138.0°C 36.8-38.0°C 36.937.5°C 36.5- 37.2°C 
Sore throatYYYYYN
Breathing difficultyNNNYNN
Loose bowelYYYYNN
Blocked SinusNNYNNUnknown

Monday 2 March 2020

Acupuncture for insomnia

The patient

48 year old female patient has not been sleeping well for 2 months. She described having difficulty falling asleep and feeling wide awake at night. She could get one or two hours of sleep on a good night.

Other presenting conditions include depression, phlegm production with severe wheezing, night sweats, gastritis, headache, night sweats and loose bowel.

Patient poor digestion and stress dampened her appetite, patient felt weak and found it difficult with day to day tasks.


Patient attended 5 weekly acupuncture session and took 2 weeks of Chinese herbal medicine.

Acupuncture for insomnia, image resource


Patient reported having much better sleep during 5th visit, averaging 5/6 hours sleep each night. Her emotion was also much stable. Her no long suffered from headaches, wheezing had stopped alongside improved digestion, bowel movement and reduced night sweats.