Monday 16 November 2020

Lost sense of taste and smell (Long COVID)

Patient history 

Female patient received a positive COVID test and sought treatment after she completed her self isolation period. Main presenting symptoms were: 

- 60% reduction in sense of taste and smell; 
- Suppressed appetite; 
- Fatigue; 
- Husky voice; 
- Dry throat with thick phelgm. 


Weekly acupuncture sessions and a one week course of Chinese herbal medicine 

Treatment outcome 

Patient gradually improved in all aspects of initial symptoms at each visit, and reported normal taste and smell as well as return of appetite after the fifth acupuncture session. Patient's energy also returned to pre-COVID levels. Below are tongue pictures taken before and after treatment for post COVID symptoms showing how the body recovered after the successful treatment. Early administration of herbal medicine alongside acupuncture treatment is essential in facilitating a positive prognosis / outcome in clearing residual COVID symptoms.