Monday 9 April 2018

Acupuncture for urethra pain

Acupuncture for urethra pain, image resource

The patient

Female patient in her 30s has suffered pain in the urethra for ten years. There would be a sharp burning pain in the evening which can be particularly bad following intercourse. It often takes her up to four hours to fall asleep due to the pain which also wakes her up throughout the night. The diagnosis from her GP was chronic urinary tract infection and Long term antibiotics was prescribed to her several times which did not help to ease the pain.

The treatment

The patient received four weekly sessions of acupuncture and reported a good improvement on the urethra pain. The pain with urination had stopped and she could go to sleep much quicker than before. She also noticed a reduction on the underarm sweatiness since started the treatment.


Following a discussion on her diet and lifestyle, advice was given for her to cut down on diary and sugary food intake.