Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Acupuncture for infertility

The patient

A special needs teacher in her mid 40s had been trying for a baby for over two years without success. She lead a busy life and lived mainly on takeaways during the week. At the weekends she was often too tired to exercise.

Presenting symptoms

- Tiredness
- Passing blood clots during menstruation, painful periods

Treatment outcome

- Increased energy level
- Periods became symptom free and uneventful gradually 
- After 4 months of weekly acupuncture sessions, patient felt pregnant naturally and gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl!
Acupuncture for infertility, image resource

Diet and lifestyle changes

Regular exercise and a healthy diet is vital for optimising fertility. Patient went for a week delivery service of fresh fruit & vegetables to have more healthy home cooked meals. There are lots of good suppliers providing fresh ingredients and convenient recipe cards such as hellofresh, ideal for working professionals. She also went out for walks with her partner at weekends.  

Acupuncture for infertility

Although statically it becomes more and more difficult to conceive with age, with the help of improved diet and lifestyle and the assistance of complementary therapy, it is still achievable in the natural way. In the patient's case, acupuncture helped with natural conception by addressing her menstruation issues and enhancing overall wellbeing. 

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