Friday, 20 March 2015

Acupuncture for painful periods (Dysmenorrhoea)


36 year old female IT project manager. Long daily commute. Very busy at work, often forget to drink anything for a whole day. 

Presenting symptoms

- Lower abdominal cramp at period time
- Passing large dark black blood clots during period
- Fatigue
- Premenstrual tension two days before period starts
- Poor circulation, cold hands and feet
- Difficult to fall asleep and stay sleep


After 1st session: Slept well after treatment and remained so for the rest of the week. Improved frequency of bowel movement. Energy level also increased, no more energy dips in the day. 

After 2nd session: Period went smoothly. No pain on day 1, Pain started on day 2 however much better than before. A little pain by day 3. 

Patient was discharged after five sessions of acupuncture.

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