Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Acupuncture for leg cramp & muscle ache

Acupuncture for leg cramp & muscle ache

The patient

70 years old carpenter who suffered from severe leg cramp and sciatica pain in his right leg. The patient could not walk straight on his own and to be undressed by a companion. The leg cramp would lead to a spasm at night and wake him up several times at night. Numbness is also felt in his arms at night.

The treatment

6 sessions of acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment along with dietary advice.

The outcome
Acupuncture for leg cramp, image source

Patient was able to attend his appointment and undress unaided on the second visit. His leg cramp stopped after the first week of treatment. All other symptoms subsided by the sixth visit.

Testimonial from patient

Thank  you for the treatment. I came into your surgery an old man could not walk because I ached so much. The acupuncture treatment you gave was fabulous, I became a new person. 

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