Friday, 30 January 2015

Acupuncture for peptic ulcer (stomach ulcer)


45 year old female. Digestion deteriorated after taking antibiotics. Patient was researching on the Internet everyday for 'miracle diet' that will help with her digestion.

Presenting symptoms

She often experience strong reaction to certain type of food and made frequent trips to the A&E. She described a burning sensation at night that stops her from sleeping. She also thought she had entered menopause early and experienced hot flushes.


Acupuncture for peptic ulcer (stomach pain), image source
Improved digestion. Patient no longer needed to take Gaviscon every night. Bloatedness after meal was much better. Sleep had improved too. Reduced frequency and intensity of hot flushes.

Dietary & lifestyle advice

Suggest patient seek a dietary review from a licensed dietitian and ditch 'miracle diets'. Advised patient to start gentle exercise when her energy was restored.

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